Our Roots

We draw on the social determinants of health – culture, employment (income), education, environment, housing, transport, community connections – which underpin community health and contribute to both food security, or insecurity when insufficient.

Strategic Priorities (3 branch tree)

The three main ‘branches’ of our strategic / priority efforts are to:

Provide Food: We work to ensure more vulnerable families and individuals in Onkaparinga have access to staple foods, fresh fruit and vegetables when needed.

Build Skills, Connections & Resilience: We encourage individuals and families to connect with others in the community and learn how to grow and cook nutritious food together; and learn how to use and share excess food (e.g. preserving, share tables) in order to become more food resilient and to reduce waste going to landfill.

Advocate and Build Community Capacity: We encourage organisations to share their resources and knowledge and work together to change unfair systems. We also encourage individuals to join with us and become more active citizens. 

The Leaves are our participating and stakeholder agencies and organisations and individuals.  [ Link to Collaborative participants tab]

The Apples are our desired outcomes

Food in the belly – More residents who currently identify as ‘food insecure’ will have access to regular, nutritious food. So they will need fewer emergency services.

Shared knowledge and activities – residents and organisations will have easier access to up-to-date information about services and activities and will learn together how to be more food and waste conscious. 

Advocacy – we will advocate for fairer systems and payments that allow people to access the food of their choice.

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